Vegan Crème Caramel



For the caramel
Place a pan over medium to high heat and melt the sugar in small amounts, until it gets a nice brown colour and turns into caramel. Add the warm water, the salt and stir using a spoon, until the caramel melts completely and you turns into dark syrup.
Divide it in any fireproof cups you like (approximately 25g/cup) and let it cool down in the fridge for at least half an hour.

For the crème caramel
In a pot, pour the OLYMPOS KARPOS oat drink, add all the remaining ingredients apart from the olive oil and stir using a hand whisk. Place a pan over medium to high heat and bring to boil resuming tiring. Once you see that the mixture is thickening, remove the pan from heat, add the olive oil and stir. Take the cinnamon stick out of the pan and with a spoon, pour the cream mixture straight to the cups with the caramel you prepared, holding a spoon against it and letting the mixture pour towards the walls, so that it is evenly spread on top of the caramel. Save in the fridge, until the cream thickens, for approximately 1 hour.

For the platter
Run a small knife around the walls of the cup to unmold the crème caramel, put a plate on top of the cup with the cream and turn around. Garnish with some hazelnuts and the orange zest.

*Tip: It is easier to transfer the mixture of the cream in a jug, in order to divide it to the cups.