Sweet potato soup with maple syrup



For serving
Serve the soup in deep plates and garnish with OLYMPOS strained yogurt 2%, the green apple, the rusks, the pumpkin seeds and drizzle some olive oil.

For the soup
Place a pot over medium to high heat, pour the olive oil, add the onions, the leeks, the ginger and the garlic, salt and sauté, until they get completely soft.  Αdd the cinnamon, the sweet potatoes, the chicken broth and the thymes, increase the heat to the maximum and bring to a boil. Cover the pot with the lid, bring the heat to medium-low and simmer, until the sweet potatoes soften. Remove the cinnamon, the thymes and puree the mixture in a blender, until it gets a smooth and shiny texture, add the yogurt, the maple syrup, the nutmeg and grind once again, until they get homogenous. Taste and season to taste, if necessary. To get a better texture, you can optionally pass the mixture through a thin sieve.


*TIP: When blending the soup, it is better to start by grinding the vegetables separately, without adding any liquids. In this way, you can regulate the density of the soup as you like, gradually adding the quantity of liquids towards the end of the process.