Greek New Year’s Cake (Vasilopita) without mixer



In a bowl add the egg, the coconut milk, sugar and the vanilla extract and whisk, until the eggs break and sugar melts. Add the butter and stir again, until it is incorporated and unified with the rest of the mixture.


In another bowl, add all the other ingredients apart from the cranberries and mix with a spoon, until all the ingredients are well distributed.


Transfer the mixture of the coconut milk in a bowl with the flours and whisk, until all ingredients are completely combined and homogenized.


In a cake mould with a detachable bottom, in which we have already put a parchment paper, add the cake mixture and make sure it is equally divided.


Bake at a pre-heat fan-assisted oven, at 160°C, until it gets a nice dark color (until it starts sticks out from the sides for approximately 1 hour). Check if the cake is ready by inserting a small knife into the cake and if it comes out with very little moisture, then the cake is ready.

Remove from the oven and let it cool at room temperature

Deform, sprinkle with icing sugar all over, cut in slices and serve.