Mushroom and leek tart with OLYMPOS sour cream



Butter and spread the kourou dough in a tart baking pan with detachable base of 26 cm diameter.

Bake the base of the tart in the air at 160o C approximately for 15 minutes.

As soon as it is baked, leave it aside.

Sauté bacon, mushrooms and leeks with olive oil in a pan over a high heat.

Add salt and pepper and let them be well-sautéed.

When ready, put them in a strainer until their liquids are drained.

Put the mixture and the mushrooms inside the tart, blend the cream, the eggs, the brandy, salt and pepper and thyme in a bowl using a whisk and then pour on the top of the filling.

Sprinkle with some grated graviera cheese. Bake at 170oC approximately for 50 minutes or until it gets a golden brown color.