Brownies by chef Yiannis Lucacos


250 gr. butter OLYMPOS

FOR 1 PAN 28X20 ΕΚ.

We melt the chocolate with the butter OLYMPOS in bain-marie and let it cold to room temperature.

In the mixer bowl we add the eggs, sugars, the vanilla and beat then at moderate speed for 1 minute at the beginning and then at fast until they become soft. We lower the speed to moderate and slowly add the chocolate mixture to the eggs and beat it until they get fully homogenized for about two minutes. We add the salt to the flour and mix. We lower the speed and add the flour and salt in small doses to the chocolate mix.  We have to stop the mixer every once in a while to throw back the flour stuck on the bowl walls with a silicone spatula.

We remove the bowl and add the hazelnuts and mix with a spatula with circular moves until they get homogenized.

We put baking paper on a 28x20cm pan and throw the mixture. We bake in the oven at 180° C with air for about 30 minutes.

The brownies are ready when we put the tip of a knife inside and this comes out almost dry with a bit of moisture.