bio organic children goat’s milk drink

OLYMPOS bio is specially made for the proper nutrition and growth of young children, as of their 12th month of age.

Goat milk is easy digestive and offers all the traditional nutritious values of Greek goat milk.

1 lt

bio organic children goat’s milk drink

With respect to nature, we produce a pure Greek organic milk drink, with rich natural taste, enriched with all essential vitamins, iron and minerals for children as of their 12th month of age.

We collect the milk daily from Greek certified organic farms, from goats that are fed with only organic plant based feed without GMO, following all the rules of production and certification for organic products.

With OLYMPOS bio goat’s milk drink, we are sure that we make a naturally safe choice for our children’s growth.

Nutritional declaration per 100ml
Nutritional declaration per 100ml
267kj/64 kcal
3,5 gr
2,1 gr
4,5 gr
4,5 gr
3,6 gr
0,08 gr