Milk with Vitamin D

OLYMPUS fully respecting consumer needs offers a new range of products with all vitamin D enriched nutrients! The combination of 2 of the following products provides us with 100% of the daily intakes of Vitamin D 1 glass of milk 250ml 1 dessert yoghurt dessert 170g 2 Servings Soft 10g * The daily reference amount of an adult average for vitamin D is 5μg, according to Regulation 1169/2011 / EC.

1 lt
2 glasses help cover the daily intake of vitamin D (* Daily intakes of an adult average for vitamin D is 5mg according to regulation 1169/2011 / EC)

Milk with Vitamin D

The OLYMPOS vitamin D range is available through OLYMPOS Milk and Dessert Strained Yogurt 2% and is produced EXCLUSIVELY from Greek Selected Milk and Vitamin D, which contributes to the following:

  • Normal calcium and phosphorus absorption
  • Maintaining normal calcium levels in the blood
  • Maintaining a normal bone status
  • Maintaining the normal functioning of muscles and teeth
  • The normal functioning of the immune system
  • The process of cell division


Semi-skim cow’s milk, vitamin D

Nutritional declaration per 100 ml
Nutritional declaration per 100 ml
192 kJ/ 46 kcal
1,5 gr
1,1 gr
4,7 gr
4,7 gr
3,3 gr
0,08 gr