We are dedicated to offering top quality products that contribute to the modern man’s healthy and balanced diet. Our Values that follow are the guide that leads our way:

Raw Materials

We are faithfully oriented towards producing products from Greek raw materials, safeguarding Greek primary production and reinforcing Greek producers, since we use only Greek raw materials in producing our products.


The quality and safety of the products is reflected at all the stages of the production process; more specifically, in the careful collection of the fresh, raw milk and its processing, in the totally hygienic packaging and the optimum storage conditions, offering the consumer high quality products, which is a moral commitment for us.


We respect every single person; that is why we invest in our employees’ constant training and ensure a better working environment.


At OLYMPOS we know that the economic growth is highly dependent on the sustainability of the ecosystem. We actively contribute to the environmental protection and to saving our natural resources, by minimizing the impact of our activities on the natural environment.

Social Responsibility

At OLYMPOS we assume our responsibility to the society and the environment; that is why, on a daily basis, we make sure that we are worthy of the trust of society.

Authenticity – Purity

Our products are produced from excellent quality Greek raw materials, aiming, in this way, at safe and quality products.


We respect the consumers and, on a daily basis, we do what’s best for them, maintaining a relationship of trust and reliability.