Our history begins in 1965, when, at our first premises, at the center of Larisa, we started collecting milk from local farmers to make our authentic, traditional, local products.


Local power at Larisa

Until then, the driving force of OLYMPOS are the consumers of the prefecture of Larisa, an area at which it holds about 37% of the market, while soon it also expands its network to the market of the neighbouring Prefecture of Pieria, giving to even more Greek families the opportunity to enjoy its pure dairy products.


OLYMPOS and local livestock farming

OLYMPOS collects milk from units not more than 60km away from its headquarters, and in less than 24 hours it is in your glass. The constant supervision of the units, the implementation of stringent European standards, the selection of the appropriate cow breeds and the strict control of the conditions under which the cows are housed and fed, guarantee for high quality milk.


Revival and new vision

Until 2000 we operate locally, at the region of Thessaly, with larger distribution at the local market of Larisa. The following year, is the year we start marketing our products throughout Greece.


New OLYMPOS Selected milk in a transparent bottle

We are the first in Greece to sell OLYMPOS selected, fresh milk in a transparent bottle. The milk is selected from surrounding farms only, and its quality exceeds by far the national and European standards.


The 1st 100% natural juice form Greek fruits

OLYMPOS is the first to use fruits exclusively from the Greek land to produce its juices. OLYMPOS juices become synonymous with Greek nature, and the consumers immediately show their preference to the “fruits with a name”, such as oranges from Argos, apples of Ag. Georgios, Imathia, etc.


Supporting Greek organic livestock production

OLYMPOS, committed to its values, and respecting the Greek nature, invests in the production of a series of organic products, which is the core of its philosophy. In this way, OLYMPOS supports and reinforces the Greek producer and the Greek production, while, at the same time, it contributes to environmental protection and sustainable development.


Supporting Greek goat farming

The selection of Greek raw materials to produce pure dairy products continues by launching goat milk and cheese. The time has come for the delight and benefits offered by the consumption of goat milk, to cease being the privilege of the ones living in the country, and to become accessible to the consumers in urban areas.


Respect to the consumer

The innovations of OLYMPOS continue. A new series of products, called FREELACT, is marketed and intended for lactose-intolerant consumers. These are lactose-free products, produced from 100% Greek milk from surrounding farms; they have come to fulfil a basic need of a group of people with limited choices until then.


No to genetically modified crops

OLYMPOS, in collaboration with the laboratory of Genetics and Plant Breeding of the Department of Agriculture Crop Production and Rural Environment of the University of Thessaly and with the Institute of Livestock Plants of the Greek Agricultural Organisation “DIMITRA” [National Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF)], starts a research project aiming at the study of the cultivation of non-genetically modified protein fodder crops.


As long as there are Greeks… at the mountain pastures

OLYMPOS, adhered to its philosophy for the value of the Greek livestock farmer and his role in the Greek economy, pays tribute to the traditional pastorialists, with the production of a documentary for their life, their animals, their pastures, their thoughts … Starring 14 cooperating livestock farmers and their families.


1st company to be awarded the Hellenic Trademark–
A Greek life A trademark of vindication

OLYMPOS was the first company that officially asked for the establishment of a formal procedure for the certification of the Greek origin of the products, because they wanted to protect the Greek milk production. In 2015, these years of efforts bear fruit; the Hellenic Trademark is established and it becomes the first company to be certified with it.


OLYMPOS Mountain Routes

Adhered to the philosophy of supporting the local economy and the local producers, OLYMPOS proceeds to a production, aiming at their reinforcement. The documentary series “Mountain Routes” visits the villages where the raw materials for OLYMPOS products come from; it presents their history and their people, and tastes their delicacies.


The first and only Greek almond, pistachio and walnut beverages

OLYMPOS, with full respect to the consumer’s needs, and adhered to its philosophy on the value of the products of the Greek land, chose the path of search and development of the Greek almond, the Greek pistachio, the Greek walnut, in order to offer the first and only Greek beverages, produced by Greek new harvest nuts. OLYMPOS is committed to keep on supporting the Greek primary production in the future, by utilizing the Greek raw materials.