Renewable Sources of Energy

In OLYMPOS, we know that economic development directly depends on the sustainability of the ecosystem. We try to actively contribute to the protection of the environment, as well as to the conservation of natural resources, by minimizing the consequences of our activities on the natural environment. OLYMPOS, with a sense of responsibility for the environment, moved to a pioneering and unique investment, which concerns biogas production from anaerobic waste processing.

It is the only investment made in Europe in the field of dairying and it amounts to 10 million €, including the combustion of the sewage sludge. The objectives of this investment are to protect the environment and save natural sources of the planet.

The benefits of this project are: 

  • Carbon dioxide release is reduced by 60%.
  • Greenhouse Gas emissions are reduced.
  • Energy is generated from Renewable Energy Sources
  • Organic waste is eliminated
  • Electricity use is reduced by 70%, instead of being processed using aerobic technology.

This project and the green electricity production installation are both practical evidence of OLYMPOS’ corporate responsibility towards the environment and society.