Compressible Milk Package

Following the Recycled plastic PET packages (r-PET) and the PlantBased packages of KARPOS drinks, OLYMPOS is now presenting the first milk products in compressible bottles with non-removable lids.

Two years before the implementation of the relevant European legislation, which sets that all bottles can be supplied to the market only if lids remain attached to the containers, OLYMPOS pioneers once again, offering consumers a new compressible bottle of milk with non-removable lid.

This new bottle keeps the content even safer. Once the product is consumed, the volume of the waste is reduced by 50%, while the non-removable lid is also recycled together with the body of the bottle.

Referring to its use, this product is even more convenient, since the new lid remains constantly on the top of the bottle, without being removed or stained.

This important environmental initiative by OLYMPOS was already launched with the fresh milk products (Selected & Organic) and shall progressively include the other packages as well.

The ONLY milk product with a non-removable lid.

Environmental protection and ecosystem sustainability are permanent priorities for OLYMPOS.

* The new bottle is distinct from the stripes wrapping its body; it is easily compressed and can shrink immediately.