120g.butter OLYMPOS, at room temperature
140 g. brown sugar with molasses

2.5 g. vanilla extract
75 g. egg
20 g. cream OLYMPOS 35%

5 g. strained yogurt OLYMPOS 5%

160 g. all-purpose flour

4g. baking soda

3 g. baking powder

5 g. salt

250 g. banana, ripe, pureed

50 g. walnuts, crushed



In a bowl, add flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt and mix them using a whisk.

In the bucket of the mixer, add the butter, sugar, vanilla and whisk at a medium to high speed, until they get fluffy. Add the egg, the cream, the yogurt and resume stirring, until the mixture is completely unified for approximately 2-3 minutes. Lower the speed of the mixer to medium, add the flour to the mixture in 3 increments and once combined, add the banana and continue for approximately 1 minute, until it is incorporated. Finally, add the walnuts and mix for about one minute, until there is a uniform mixture.
In a non-stick cake pan of 24*10*6 cm greased with butter, pour the cake mix and bake in a preheat fan-assisted oven at oven 160°C, until the cake is baked inside (insert a stroke or a small knife into the cake and if it comes out dry, then the cake is ready), for approximately 45 minutes.

Remove from the oven and after letting it cool for a while, flip it onto a rack, until it is completely cooled.


*You can garnish the cake with cheese frosting and roasted walnuts.

*You can divide the cake in portions and save it in the freezer for approximately 1 month.