For potato balls with cheeses

900 gr. potatoes, baked

45 gr. gruyere OLYMPOS, grated
60 gr. kefalotyri OLYMPOS, grated
300 gr. béchamel

35 gr. fresh onion, finely chopped
6 gr. salt
3 gr. Dry oregano

50 gr.  butter OLYMPOS, melted
200 gr. egg whites, beaten
200 gr. panko

600 gr. chips, grated

Sunflower oil for frying


For baked potatoes

1000 gr. potatoes with the skin



For the potato balls with cheeses

In a ball we mix the panko with the chips

In another ball we break the balls with a fork until there are only small pieces. We add the gruyere OLYMPOS, the kefalotyri OLYMPOS, the béchamel, the onion, the oregano, we add salt and mix. We add the butter OLYMPOS and mix well until the butter is homogenized in the potato balls mix.

We form 40 gr. balls and pass each ball first from the egg whites and then from the panko and chips mix. We repeat the whole process in order to have a better crust.

In a small pan we have heated the sunflower oil to 175°C we add some balls in each lot to avoid the decrease of oil temperature and fry until they get a nice golden colour and become crusty. We remove the balls with a skimmer on a dish with paper towel and repeat the whole process until all the balls are fried.


For the baked potatoes

We place the potatoes in a pan and bake in preheated oven at 140°C until they get soft in their inside for about 2 hours.