Discover the OLYMPOS cooking tips that will elevate your recipes!

#12 Cooking Tip 

Yiannis Lucacos shares tips on how to make the perfect roasted butter!

#11 Cooking Tip 

If you make a cake and you miss an egg you can easily replace it!

#10 Cooking Tip 

Put some heavy cream instead of milk in your puree! It will make it look like it came from the best restaurant!

#9 Cooking Tip 

Add heavy cream, salt, pepper and finely chopped herbs in a small bowl.

#8 Cooking Tip 

When making whipped cream we can use any kind of sugar or sweetener we want to sweeten it.

#7 Cooking Tip 

Do you know you do not need a mixer, not even a hand whisk to make whipped cream?

#6 Cooking Tip 

When we want to whip whipped cream we all know that the heavy cream has to be frozen.

#5 Cooking Tip 

We do not throw away the papers, in which the butter is wrapped. Put them in the freezer well wrapped.

#4 Cooking Tip 

When making a puree … when do we put the milk, and when the butter?

#3 Cooking Tip 

Is the baked in the oven chicken breast always dry?

#2 Cooking Tip 

The best and most delicious way to sautee vegetables and meat is with butter.

#1 Cooking Tip 

We should use frozen butter in tart doughs.

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